Super Hyper-Feminine Team Dreamy Queer Universe


This project is an exploration and celebration of queer femininity in all its forms - from proudly public to internal and private; loud, brash and angry to soft, subtle and gentle; comfortable and inherent to political and hard-won. I have taken inspiration, quotations and experiences from strangers and friends alike in the queer community who feel connected to femininity, and many of these quotes are transcribed directly through embroidery in my work.

These wearables reflect my own ceaseless fascination with all things pink, frilly and feminine, while the photographs of them modeled by queer feminine people creates a window into the solidarity, comfort and strength many of us find amongst other feminine queer people. Traditional femininity has always been something that I shied away from as a non-binary person, mistakenly thinking that it would invalidate my identity. In this project I fully embrace my femininity and love for femininity.

This project is both personal and communal, private and public. This project is a record and a celebration. This is my interpretation of a world of queer femininity, a super hyper-feminine dreamy queer universe.


©2018 by Ríon Murphy.