Spaghetti Transition


This project is an exploration into the nature of transition. In the work, I explore the many messy facets of transgender identity, and attempt to rupture any binary notions or ideas of "before and after" associated with transition. 

As a nonbinary person, my transition is particularly non-linear. It is confusing, messy, and at times distressing. However, it has also led to finding a new community, exploring who I am, and learning to truly extract and explore my feelings around gender, identity, and self image. 

Through narrative stitch, I hope to convey these feelings, and give a sense of what it is to be transgender, and to exist in a perpetual, fluid state of transition. 

Exhibited in 2018 at the Royal Hibernian Academy alongside the work of Lu Saborio and the Trans Live Art Salon, who kindly commissioned these pieces.


©2018 by Ríon Murphy.