Icky, Gooey Wound


"Icky, Gooey Wound" is my response to a phenomenon that I continually observed amongst the women in my life – the perceived pressure and tendency to conceal one's true feelings in favour of putting forward a collected, emotionally available, attractive outward image. In this case, I decided to take these ideas and to focus on the strength exhibited by the women in these situations and the extraordinary ability of women to put on a brave face, carry on, and get what needs to get done, done.

I created masks in order to portray strength. I constructed them to show wounding and distortion of the face, while maintaining the idea of concealing this hurt prettily. I was inspired by early WW1 plastic surgery and acid attack survivors. I also decided to use found and low quality materials, such as plastics, glitzy embellishment and rough knit, to stand for the resourcefulness and versatility of these women.


©2018 by Ríon Murphy.